The Sprint

A new sprint kicks off with a plan session. The team facilitator will have scheduled this in advance.

A typical flow of events for a sprint looks something like this:

  • Kickoff and Plan session
  • Build and Test (many cycles of coding, code review, demo to QA, QA)
  • Sprint Review
  • Release
  • Retrospective

Schedule recurring interactions

When a sprint kicks off the team facilitator will confirm all interactions have been scheduled and the correct role players are attending. At sprint level the recurring interactions are typically the daily standup.

Non recurring interactions

Non recurring interactions like the sprint review and retrospective happen at the end of the sprint and will be scheduled by the team facilitator once the team have completed work on the last ticket in the sprint.

Team Change

Team change interactions happen when the team compliment changes or the team is going to focus on a new area of the product or a new product. To read more about team change interactions, read about Team Formation interactions.

Further reading

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