Tapping into the best minds in the industry

We believe to be on top of our game we need the need the influence of the best minds in the industry.

For this reason we have specialists join the team or coach the team when we fill a gap in our knowledge.

Some past examples:

Martin Cronje – an agile coach and agile practices expert – now supporting 5 teams at MYOB in New Zealand – spent many days in our offices skilling the team up in good agile process and practises.

Gail Shaw – one of South Africa’s top database experts, contributor to books and author of a collection of pluralsight courses – has helped us to scale our systems.

Steve Barnett – a front end developer and UX expert who also coordinates and contributes to many community projects in the UX space in Cape Town, spends time with Code Collective developing a design first mantra in the way we develop systems.

These are just some of our expert stories. Start a conversation if you would like to hear about others like SensePost (security specialists), JB Maree (business development specialist), nReality (agile coaching) and others.