Services for developers

Our services for development teams are aimed at complementing an existing dev team, either helping with specialist guidance or adding additional development capacity. The goal is always to leave your dev team empowered to deliver after the service contract is complete. Learn more via example service offerings and case studies below.

Specialist guidance for developers

Dev team guidance involves adding value in specific areas of software development often leaving your dev team with the skills they need in that area after our time there is complete. Below are some examples of specialist services that we offer.

  • Product performance optimisation, to scale, to keep customers happy, to reduce infrastructure cost, to ready your product for migration to the cloud.
  • Migrate your product to Azure.
  • Utilise Azure DevOps for continuous integration and deployment.
  • Product ownership coaching in the context of your product.
  • Agile software development coaching for your specific team and their objectives.
  • Front end development that understands the objectives of coding patterns and frameworks used by developers.
  • Learn tools to better understand the users of your product and learn how to turn leanings into high value work to be done (UX coaching).

Software development services 

Use our team of developers to complete well defined and easy to hand over projects freeing up your core development team to focus on other things. 

Our filters for this type of work are as follows:

  • The work should be easy to get going with and shouldn’t require a lot of business context.
  • The work we do must be easy to hand back.
  • The work is aligned with the strengths of our senior developers.
  • We are comfortable with the clarity of the scope
  • The project isn’t projected to run for more than 6 months.

Below are some examples of work that is well suited to be handed over to a Code Collective development team.

  • Integration projects
  • Data migration projects