Product Ownership

Product Ownership

The product owner holds the vision of the product and prioritises future enhancements. Ensures that any new features are in line with the product vision.

The product owner connects the business and developer worlds in a clear and valuable way.

Product owner’s help business understand what it takes to develop and maintain their product and they help guide them through the next set of product related decisions. Product owners then communicate the message from business to the development team in a structured way. At a high level, product ownership involves:

  • Prioritizing the backlog.
  • Developing a rollout plan.
  • Communicating Capacity Requirements to the Team.
  • Developing a technology adoption strategy.
  • Developing a view of non functional requirements.
  • Participating in design sessions.
  • Providing detailed acceptance criteria.
  • Providing timeous feedback to developers and testers queries as needed.
  • Acceptance of new features from the development team before a live release.
  • Selection of tickets to demo to the client.

Further Reading

The product owner and the product designer work together closely (and are in some cases the same person). Read about our design / UX practises.

The product owner also actively engages with the development team and their agile process.