Tech Stack

Code Collective believe in choosing a tech stack that gives a product idea the best chance of success.Ā  In principle technologies should align with the goals an entrepreneur has for their product. Typically technologies should cover non functional requirements as efficiently as is currently possible while creating a code base that is attractive to a good community of developers.

Often there are many good options when choosing technologies and in those cases we will tend to choose technologies that align with the strength of the team. Here is a list of some of the tech we use at Code Collective.


All our new projects are designed for PAAS deployment which means we don’t have to worry about the server behind our code. As a result we hope never to hire any Sys Admins šŸ˜›

We host almost exclusively with Microsoft Azure and utilise a good collection of the Azure PAAS building blocks.

Specific Azure technologies used

  • Redis Cache Service
  • Web Job (App Serv)
  • Table storage
  • App Insights
  • Automation Runbooks
  • App Service
  • AzureĀ Functions
  • BLOB Storage
  • Web App
  • SQL Azure
  • Azure DevOps

Front End

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GraphQL Logo

Our API layer depends on the integration we’re doing. We use a mixture of GraphQL, Web API (restful) and WCF Services for our internal integrations.

  • Web API
  • WCF Services
  • OAuth 2

Back End

Our back end services are all written in C# and packages as .NET libraries hosted as Windows Services or in IIS.

Data and Caching

We use a mixture of technologies for data and cache management.

  • Redis cache
  • Mem Cache
  • Azure Table Storage
  • AzureĀ BLOB Storage
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL Azure

Automated Testing

We develop unit, system and UI tests for all our projects and use the following technologies.

  • MS Test
  • Selenium
  • Gherkin

Devops and Agile Tooling

We use a few technologies, hopefully some that show we’ve been doing devops for a long time!

  • Jira Cloud
  • Slack
  • Google mail, docs
  • Git
  • Azure DevOps