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Code Collective is a team of amazing product owners, developers and testers. We have listed some – but not all – of their profiles below.

Greg van Berkel has over 15 years’ experience developing software solutions. He focusses on his executive role but also specialises in building and implementing technology frameworks, product design and enabling teams of developers.  He is a company founder and formed part of the team that established Code Collective in 2007. Greg holds an honours degree (cum laude) in Computer Science from Rhodes University.

Blog: medium.com/@gregvanberkel 
Twitter: twitter.com/gregvanberkel

Warren Farre cut his professional software development teeth at a large financial services company where he started out as a bursary student. During his 9 years in the financial services IT sector, he gained exposure to a diverse array of technologies, processes and best practice. He later joined another one of the leading financial services companies in South Africa to take up the role of Software Architect in their Corporate product division. Warren has interests in Patterns, Software as a Service, Software Architecture, Use-case driven development and Business to Business systems.

Heinrich Nel became a valuable member of the Code Collective team in 2009, assuming the positions of Team Lead and Technical Lead for one of our esteemed long-term clients. With a track record spanning over 14 years, Heinrich excels in software development and building innovative solutions. In addition to his responsibilities at Code Collective, he also provides consulting services to numerous clients within our network.
Heinrich’s current pursuit revolves around expanding his expertise in leading and nurturing a continuously growing team of developers. He is deeply committed to the intricacies and domain knowledge required for the smooth functioning of a robust line of business system.
Heinrich holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computing Systems from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK.

Blog: https://programming-tech-tips.blogspot.com/

Jonty Jedeikin spent 7 years in the financial services industry where he worked on large projects for leading investment companies. He joined Code Collective in 2013 and now takes on roles of team lead and technical lead for one of Code Collective’s main products. Jonty holds a Bsc. in Computer Science (with distinction) and Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town.

Gerhard Aspeling is a product manager with many years development experience who enjoys solving problems as effectively and efficiently as possible. He enjoys new challenges and strives toward lifelong learning and growth in his career and personal life. Something that keeps him going is developing a better understanding of the user daily, so the product developed really addresses their needs, while making sure there is alignment in the business and development teams.

Miles Ellery joined Code Collective in 2018 after receiving his honours in Computer Science and Electronics from Rhodes University. He comfortably navigates business and technical complexity and has a gift for skilling people up within a team. He has shown interest in many fields of Computer Science and often finds himself taking on new roles in order to learn something new.

Bianca Havenga is an accomplished Software Tester with a strong background in web-based programs, CRM, ecommerce, and POS. Bianca has 6 years of experience in the field and is known for her excellent communication skills, creativity, and attention to detail. With a talent for analytical and logical reasoning, she also possesses basic knowledge of SQL. Additionally, she has a keen eye for quickly picking up technical tools.

Bianca aspires to become a front-end programmer in the future and is currently working towards obtaining her ISTQB qualification. She is passionate about problem-solving and enjoys the challenges that come with her profession, which she didn’t choose, but rather, it chose her.

Jacques van Zyl is a dynamic and versatile full stack developer with a unique journey in the world of technology. Starting as an IT Technician, he swiftly made his mark by constantly pushing boundaries and seeking new challenges.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Jacques soon embraced the world of software development, applying his growing knowledge to build robust and efficient applications.

While working in the industry, he embarked on a journey of self-improvement, culminating in the recent completion of a bachelor’s degree in Informatics, which further enhanced his expertise and allowed him to seamlessly blend his programming skills with business logic.

Most recently, Jacques has discovered a profound passion for app development. This newfound love has ignited his creativity and fueled his drive to create innovative and user-friendly applications that enhance user experiences.

Petrus de Klerk is an accomplished professional with a strong background in the fintech industry. With over 6 years of experience, he has honed his expertise in managing both clients and developers, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient project delivery. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the fintech landscape and integrated systems, enabling him to navigate complex challenges to ensure results. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing and has interests in drones, AI and automation spaces.

Taryn Coetsee joined Code Collective in 2017 as a trainee tester . She provides quality assurance to the team. Taryn provides quality work and is passionate about her work. She is ambitious and driven. She believes that solving problems in software testing can be one of the most satisfying jobs.

Sisikelelwe Maqabangqa, a talented and passionate software developer, joined Code Collective in 2020. He humbly graduated from Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth with a BTech degree in Software Development. Based in Cape Town, he is part of the exceptional Moneyit team.

With a knack for tackling complex tasks, Sisikelelwe finds joy in solving problems. His adeptness in technical matters allows him to smoothly navigate intricate challenges. Moreover, he deeply values his role as a supportive team member, by providing unwavering support to his teammates, ensuring they are unhindered by any obstacles they face.

Sisikelelwe’s enthusiasm for continual learning is evident through his eagerness to take on new roles and responsibilities, embracing each opportunity as a chance to expand his skills.

Matthew Ramsden graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BSc in Mathematics, majoring in Computer Science, and joined Code Collective in 2021. He appreciates the deeper understanding needed to solve complex problems and with that carries through confidence to build reliable software. Matthew values building strong interpersonal relationships to aid in his comprehension and foster collaborative environments.

The company

Code Collective was founded in 2007. Today we have offices in Cape Town and a team that is distributed across 3 South African cities.

Code Collective team at our annual conference


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