Looking for Software Engineers with 0 to 40 years of experience

Code Collective is hiring full stack software developers and architects. We’re a team of experienced computer scientists and software engineers who work on larger scale, long running, technology products with our innovative technology partners. We work in teams and we value learning, initiative, out of the box thinking and problem solving. Give this website a read and if Code Collective seems appealing, give us a shout. Perhaps we can do some interesting work together.

The following positions are currently open

“You’re not currently hiring for my role?”

Even if Code Collective doesn’t currently have any positions open that match how you contribute towards the creation of amazing technology, please consider contacting us if you resonate strongly with the our values and software development principles.

Why work at Code Collective

We invest in our people with the same focus and fervour we invest in our company and our partners. At Code Collective we craft meaningful careers with our people.

We work on amazing products with amazing partners. You will be connected to the value we’re putting out into the world.

How we interview

Code Collective have developed an efficient and not too intensive interview process that allows us and the candidate to gauge compatibility. You can read more about our interview process here

On-boarding new people

Here is a high level view of our on-boarding procedure for people joining Code Collective.