Code Collective can help with your Azure services adoption

High value Azure adoption

Code Collective’s years of experience moving solutions to Azure help allow us to determine how Azure will be useful in each unique situation. The value Azure offers can be substantial and our approach is to weighing up value gained with the cost required to implement. Typically this has resulted in us choosing to adopt Azure’s PAAS offerings rather than choosing infrastructure migration. As a result we have become more focused on using Azure’s specialised platform as a service (PAAS) offerings. Our PAAS focus also means we typically work with other software developers rather than infrastructure teams. That said one of our case studies below details how we use Azure as a fail-over site (with no more than 1 minute worth of data loss) for a high volume fuel purchasing system hosted on managed hardware.

For more information about Code Collective’s Azure experience and to get an idea of the value you can get from Azure read through our case studies below.

Migrate your product to Azure

Code Collective can help you assess the viability of moving an existing product to Azure. We can help develop a migration plan that leverages the value of Azure at the lowest possible migration cost. Then we can help your team make the changes to an existing code base to and deploy it to Azure’s various PAAS options.

Example: Sysadmin free, Auto scaling Azure PAAS migration

Code Collective migrated a web application and windows service with a Microsoft SQL server backed to an Azure Web App, Web Job, Redis Cache, Azure SQL and other PAAS services and updated the existing DevOps process to maintain the continuous integration that was already in place.

The end result is an auto-scaling solution (based on demand) that requires no server maintenance. A more detailed case study is available here.

Utilise Azure DevOps for continuous integration and deployment

Code Collective can help your development teams automate their process from running automated tests against code changes to 1 click deployments to QA and live environments to tight integration with your task management tools

Example: Tight integration and out of the box scalability for Code Collective’s DevOps

Code Collective have a long history automating developer processes and we recently migrated our own DevOps tech stack from CCNet, Mercurial and Jira to Azure DevOps and Git. To learn how we did this with the smallest amount of disruption for our development teams you can read a more detailed case study here.

Disaster recovery using Azure

Azure is an amazing option for Disaster recovery because you can scale up (speed and costs) only when you need it. Read our case study to see how Code Collective can help you set up Azure DR for your server managed hardware solutions.

Example: TruckFuelNet’s real time fail-over to Azure

We have developed an Azure fail-over solution for a high volume fuel retailer where data loss, even a few minutes worth, could cause unmanageable administration. We use SQL log shipping and a DevOps process that deploys the new versions of the solution to the live hardware managed site and a VM in Azure. This coupled with high frequency SQL log shipping results in a DR solution with no more than 1 minute worth of data loss. You can read more about the this solution here.

Performance and application monitoring with Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor is a great service for application logging and performance analysis. It is also a very easy entry into the world of Azure. A few lines of code can activate a full suite of performance analysis and early warning tooling.

Example: Monitoring Bauzer’s application health using Azure Monitor

Read through an example of how we’ve used Azure monitor to diagnose performance issues in one of our client’s solutions here.

Client references

Please contact us if you’d like referrals from our clients for Azure work that we’ve done.

Microsoft Competencies

Code Collective have Microsoft’s Application Developer and Cloud Platform Competencies.