Incorporating you into a team

Developer On-boarding

Given you have accepted an offer to work at Code Collective, this is how we incorporate you into our teams 🙂

Two weeks before

Before you arrive Code Collective may need to purchase equipment like laptops, screens, mice, keyboards, a chair and a desk for your workstation. We may be in touch at this stage to talk through any preferences you may have.

We will also consider how we initially position you within a team and who might be a good fit to mentor you in your first week.

Your first week

During your first week you will learn about Code Collective’s work environment and we will run through our technologies, roles, agile process and technical practices. You will also be assigned an on-boarding point person.

You will be incorporated into a team and be introduced to the team’s active product. The product owner will run through the product explaining the business value. The lead developer will run through the high level code structure.

Below is a more detailed list of typical tasks for your first week.

  • Read this on-boarding process document
  • HR Policies run-through – with JB or Greg
    • How leave works
    • Work from home policy
    • Work hours
    • Simple Pay demo (for payslips and leave)
    • Dress code, Coffee – Tea, Etiquette etc
  • Settling into your work space – on your own with guidance from your point person
    • Workstation (desk)
    • PC, Software installation and setup
      • Reset Windows 10 laptop. 
      • Google Email, Slack, Calendar, Drive, Meet, Jira, Freshdesk, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Resharper, Git, Azure devops, IIS – Local URLs, Environment URLs (Nightly, QA, UAT, Live URLS)…
      • Joining useful Group chat groups.
  • Your strategy for a healthy adoption into a team – with Greg
  • Team Roles – with Jonty or Greg
  • Agile Process – with Jonty or Greg
    • An introduction to our agile workflow  and each of the interactions.
  • Technologies used – with a Code Collective developer on the team you’re joining
  • Technical practices – with Jonty or Greg
    • Pair programming, Code Reviews, Demo to QA, Devops run-through, Our approach to refactoring and automated testing…
  • Starting in your new team
    • High level business value and functionality run-throughs for the active product including user journey demos for the major roles – with the product owner
    • High level code overviews for the active product – with the lead developer
    • Completing a series of ‘not to be pushed’ assignments on the product code base to safely get comfortable with the code architecture.
    • Pair programming will commence after the completion of assignments and some simpler ‘real’ sprint development work.
  • Our values

Each task above that requires action on your behalf should have some ‘passing criteria’ so you know what ‘ task done’ looks like.

On-boarding point person

You will be assigned a point person who will help you settle in.

Your point person will work with you to orient yourself in your new environment and keep you making progress and moving forward.

In the first week or two your point person will meet with you frequently and will make sure you can work through all the initial tasks you need to get done.

Your point person will probably equip you with a notebook and the two of you will generate a task list for each day during your daily check-ins.

Daily check-in with your point person

Daily check-in and informal chats.

  • What went well? What are you struggling with? – talking through your work diary. 
  • Agree changes to approach and remove impediments.
  • What are the tasks for the day?

Your point person may also be your primary pair programming buddy. In the beginning you will pair program all complex tasks.

Settling in

You will hopefully slot in with your team. The product and the processes will start to feel familiar.  Challenges will be appropriate. Your point person will constantly check in with you. Your team lead and product owner will be responsive and available.